Breathing New Life
into Loans

Supporting your long-term goals

Backed by more than 30 years of receivables management experience, LCS™ Capital LLC acquires portfolios in the auto, mortgage and student loan arenas. We know portfolios considered “uncollectable” gain new life with the right expertise and resources. With our customized screening methods, we can offer top market value on every purchase.

For LCS™ Capital LLC, debt acquisition is simply a natural extension of our overall receivables management strategy, which includes LCS™ Financial Services Corporation and the law firm Stawiarski & Associates, P.C. We have the know-how to breathe new life into loans and collect on even the most uncollectable debt. So whether it’s time, money, or resource constraints leading you to sell, you can trust us to be a long-term partner in your collections strategy.

Selling Your Charged-off Portfolio 4 Key Considerations for Credit Unions

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News and Updates

May 5, 2016- LCS Financial Services Corporation receives DBA’s CPRC Certification

Risk Management

Mitigating your risk and return on your investment are our top priorities.


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